Amc Cream Foundation

A water-based cream foundation that provides natural coverage. It is matte to touch, yet with added illuminators to give a dewy appearance. Vitamin E, peptides, and special polyesters are combined with a unique silicone and gel base to keep all skin types illuminated.

30 ml/1 US FL OZ

Available colours:

LC 100 NF

NF LC100

DC 400 NF

NF DC400

DW 200 NF

NF DW200

DW 300 NF

NF DW300

LC 200 NF

NF LC200

LC 300 NF

NF LC300

LW 100 NF

NF LW100

LW 200 NF

NF LW200

LW 400 NF

NF LW400

LW 500 NF

NF LW500

LW 600 NF

NF LW600

LW 700 NF

NF LW700

MC 100 NF

NF MC100

MC 200 NF

NF MC200

MC 201 NF

NF MC201

MC 202 NF

NF MC202

MC 301 NF

NF MC301

MC 302 NF

NF MC302

MC 303 NF

NF MC303

MC 400 NF

NF MC400

MW 100 NF

NF MW100

MW 101 NF

NF MW101

MW 102 NF

NF MW102

MW 103 NF

NF MW103

MW 104 NF

NF MW104

MW 105 NF

NF MW105

MW 106 NF

NF MW106

MW 107 NF

NF MW107

MW 108 NF

NF MW108

MW 109 NF

NF MW109

MW 113 NF

NF MW113

MW 200 NF

NF MW200

LC 101 NF

NF LC101

DC 200 NF

NF DC200

DW 100 NF

NF DW100

MC 300 NF

NF MC300

MC 304 NF

NF MC304

MW 111 NF

NF MW111

DW 202

NF DW202

MW 110

NF MW110

MW 114

NF MW114

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