When a drop is all you need!

Oils are one of the basic elements of daily facial skincare. They may function in a similar way to creams or enhance the effect of other cosmetics. Discover the power of natural oils and find your perfect skin match.

As little as a drop is needed to boost your daily skincare routine for long lasting benefits. Regardless the type, your skin requires exceptional care including well controlled pH level, hydration, improved elasticity, flexibility or its tension and with a daily dose of INGLOT Lab face oils it cannot be any easier. The series consists of three types of face oils looking forward to meeting your skincare expectations, considering individual needs. Each oil contains a combination of tsubaki, cottonseed, jojoba and rosemary oils, which are further enriched with a variety of additional oils to individualise the offering and meet specific skincare needs.

Sunrise Drop Face Oil

Inspired by morning freshness, Sunrise Drop Face Oil will awaken your skin, filling it with renewed energy. The inclusion of jojoba oil keeps your sebum secretion under control, while the presence of fruit oils such as cherry kernel and alpine apple oils leaves your skin silky soft and smooth throughout the day.

Spotlight Drop Face Oil

There is nothing better than a wonderful feeling of regenerated skin with minimum effort. City life and pollution can have a negative influence on your skin, but now thanks to Spotlight Drop Face Oil, this can be rectified. This special formula is enriched with argan oil for the ultimate protection against external factors, while apricot kernel oil minimizes enlarged pores.

Dream Drop Face Oil

Pursuing your dream of perfectly smooth and wrinkle-free skin will be easier with Dream Drop Face Oil. Strawberry and chia oils assist in slowing down skin aging process. With the additional influence of vitamin C, your skin becomes illuminated, while the undesired discolorations become brighter.

Take your skincare routine to another level with INGLOT Lab!

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