Partylicious 2.0! Re-discover Creamy Pigment Eye Shadows

Partylicious 2.0! Re-discover Creamy Pigment Eye Shadows

Feel the real party mood with the new edition of Freedom System Creamy Pigment Eye Shadow. Create stunning eye look with 10 new, electrifying shades of gold, cooper and purple or mix colors from both collections together!

Partylicious 2.0 is a perfect combination of colours that make you feel a real star babe, ensuring your makeup looks spectacular, regardless of where you are.

A special combination of pure pigment and diamond dust in the formula let you catch all the glances, both day and night! High pigmentation of each eye shadow ensures duo sparkles effect, therefore its colour depends on the angle of the light.

Find your way to turn heads by creating your perfect set or allow yourself to be enchanted by the exclusively decorated Partylicious 2.0 palette filled with all 10 new shades – now with a 20% discount for the set!

Follow our tips & tricks to create a unique, eye-catching look:

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