Put your lipstick on

Nowadays we care more and more not only about the clothes we wear but also about the whole outfit – clothing, jewellery, shoes… We want to look good and to feel good. But do we give much attention to what we wear on our lips? How to combine great looks with the beauty and comfort? Choose a product that will assure all of it.

Kiss Catcher Liquid Lipstick is a classic, gently gleaming liquid lipstick that gives a soft creamy finish. Semi-transparent formula wraps the lips leaving them with a silky soft cover.

Wearing Kiss Catcher is a pure satisfaction

What is the first impression after Kiss Catcher application? The lipstick is easy to apply, gives immediate hydration that stays on the lips for a long time. This great feeling is due to the rich formula that includes shea butter, jojoba oil, natural peptide and emollients. The lipstick is also a wonderful protection against external factors. Regularly used ensures better hydration, makes the lips firm and silky soft.

For every day and a special occasion

The Kiss Catcher collection contains mainly nude colours. 4 out of 6 shades are pastel. They will be great in an everyday make-up adding a subtel gleam.Red Desire and Dirty Kiss are more intensive, bold colours. They will be an amazing final touch of an evening make-up.

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