To meet our customer expectations, we launched a new, innovative platform where you will find some exciting news, curiosities, makeup tips, relations from various events, makeup tutorials & inspirations and many, many more. Ladies and Gentlemen, stay tuned and please welcome: BLOG!

Do you dream about a full shine and a long-lasting manicure? Try out a brand new Natural Origin vegan line

Take from the timeless power of nature with the Natural Origin vegan line. Created for an open, modern woman who cherishes her individuality and carefully plans her shopping, bearing in mind her health and the surrounding nature.

Foundation brushes

Probably each of us know the struggle in finding the best makeup brushes. There’s a huge offer on the market, thus it’s impossible to test all of them at once.

The first step to begin with is to choose the right foundation brush – we all know that even skin is important to create perfect makeup. But it’s not so simple, as we have several types of brushes available. Which to choose then? Consider your needs as well as the products you will work with. Shape, bristles, quality – all have a huge impact on the final effect achieved.


Warmer weather and longer days make us want to look fresh and radiant throughout the whole season. Especially during summer, we willingly reach for different highlighting products to achieve the effect of total glow. Highlighters not only bring out the inner beauty ensuring your skin looks healthy, but also make you feel confident and even more beautiful. Wondering how to enhance your best features at once?

Sky Lights collection - discover unearthly glow

Let yourself for a bit of makeup craziness with a brand new Sky Lights collection. Travel across galaxies full of stardust to find the glow from outer space. Do you want to shine like a star? Get to know our 3 novelties that will catch all the glances at the speed of light!

The best powder brush - which to choose?

How many times have you thought about a right brush to make your makeup fun and pleasure? And what technique to choose to achieve the most satisfying effect? Various shapes, materials and the length of hair... Is this all really important? And which brush is the unfailing one?

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