Brush set in case (Chocolate)

Brush set in case (Chocolate)
Brush set in case (Chocolate)
Brush set in case (Chocolate)
Brush set in case (Chocolate)
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A set of 10 makeup brushes that allows creating a complete look. A mix of soft synthetic hair, brown handle and glossy ferrule not only makes the brushes look good in the chic etui, but it also allows comfortable and effortless application. Perfect to be used at home and during travelling. It can be a perfect gift for every makeup lover.

1. A fluffy rounded brush for applying pressed and loose powders or blushes. It makes covering bigger parts of  the body (e.g. decolletage) with bronzer and highlighter easier.

2. An angled brush that works perfect with foundation, cream blush and bronzer. It is perfect for applying cosmetics in a stipping motion. It is excellent for contouring, especially with creamy textures.

3. A rounded brush for blush, bronzer or highlighter. It applies precisely and blends perfectly.

4. A rounded brush for application of eyeshadows and under eye powder. It is also perfect for blending.

5. An angled brush for concealer and foundation. Great for creamy highlighter and bronzer. Blends creamy product perfectly. It is ideal for applying foundation in more detailed way, e.g. around nose.

6. A flat brush for highlighter. It will perform perfectly also with under eye powder, or removing fallen eyeshadow. Great for applying product at top of the nose and on the Cupid's bow.

7. A brush for both pressed and creamy eyeshadows. Great for blending eyeshadows and eye pencils both on the upper and lower lid.

8. A small round brush for blending, smearing and applying eyeshadows on the upper and lower lid. Soft dense hairs enable application of your favourite products in the inner corner of the eye and in the crease. Make shaping the eye easier.

9. A precise brush perfect for applying brow products such as brow powders, waxes, gels. Its angled, dense yet delicate hairs help also to highlight the lower lid and perform a perfect line on the waterline.

10. A brush for eyeliner gel, loose and pressed eyeshadows, creamy cosmetics that require a huge precision as well as for highlighting the inner corner of the eye. This brush is also recommended for detailed makeup and body painting.

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