Freedom System Creamy Pigment Eye Shadow

Freedom System Creamy Pigment Eye Shadow
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Get ready to party with the ultimately shimmering eye makeup achieved with Freedom System Creamy Pigment Eye Shadows! Inspired by intriguing possibilities of AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows, the formula consists of pure pigment and diamond dust to let you catch all the glances on the dancefloor. These highly pigmented eyeshadows ensure duo sparkles effect, therefore the colour depends on the angle of the light.

Find your way to turn heads with a bunch of tips & tricks:

- Use individually or on Eye Shadow Keeper

- Achieve ‘million dollar glow’ effect adding Body Sparkles or Body Sparkles Crystals

- Apply as an ultra-shimmering eyeliner with Makeup Brush 31T

- Mix with Duraline to intensify the final effect and create a waterproof product

- Go for mirror -dewy effect using Makeup Brushes 11S, 16PP or 29PO

- To make sure that the sparkles are well visible use Makeup Brushes 10S, 6SS or 46SS

- Applying similar shade to base eyeshadow in the central part of an eye lid to Intensify the base

- Apply in the central part of an eye lid to enhance 3D effect of smoky eye

- Achieve ombre effect combining a few shades on dark base eyeshadow

- Apply in outer corner to the inner corner of the eye to add character to a subtle eye makeup

- Apply on a wet Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow to add more glow

1.9 g/0.07 US OZ

Available colours:

701 just chillin'

Just Chillin' 701

702 hustle 'n' bustle

Hustle'n'bustle 702

703 lights on

Lights On 703

704 go for it

Go For It 704

705 cheers

Cheers 705

706 night out

Night Out 706

707 reunion

Reunion 707

708 dance floor

Dance Floor 708

709 party killer

Party Killer 709

710 easy going

Easy Going 710

711 enjoy life kopia

Enjoy Life 711

712 crush on you kopia

Crush On You 712

713 party rocker kopia

Party Rocker 713

714 shake that kopia

EShake That 714

715 dirty talker kopia

Dirty Talker 715

716 sexy back kopia

Sexy Back 716

717 in da club kopia

In Da Club 717

718 gold digga

Gold Digga 718

719   it's friyay

It's Friyay 719

720   wild night

Wild Night 720

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