Kiss Catcher Lipstick

Kiss Catcher Lipstick
Kiss Catcher Lipstick
Kiss Catcher Lipstick
Kiss Catcher Lipstick
Kiss Catcher Lipstick
Kiss Catcher Lipstick
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The Kiss Catcher Lipstick collection with a pleasantly creamy formula and subtle glowing finish is a must have for every lover of beautiful and well cared lips. Velvety smooth and light formula allows easy and even application. Kiss Catcher is a lipstick that will take a good care of your lips! Due to the care ingredients such as tsubaki oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil, macadamia oil, vitamin E and natural peptides the lipstick protects the lips against excessive water loss and the influence of external factors, leaving them smooth and firm. Moreover, the lipstick smoothens and optically enlarges the lips. When used regularly improves the lips’ condition. It is perfect for glamorous make-ups, as well as for everyday usage, or when you wish just to subtly highlight your lips.

4.0 g/0.14 US OZ

Available colours:

5901905015586 Creamy Nude 901 5

Creamy Nude 901

5901905015593 Blush Wine 902 5

Blush Wine 902

5901905015609 Dusty Pink 903 5

Dusty Pink 903

5901905015616 Peach Mousse 904 5

Peach Mousse 904

5901905015623 Tango Red 905 5

Tango Red 905

5901905015630 Berry Liqueur 906 5

Berry Liqueur 906

590190501888403 907 5

Call Me Babe 907

590190501889103 908 5

Soft as Heaven 908

590190501890703 909 5

Madame Blossom 909

590190501891403 910 5

B63 Alike 910

590190501892103 911 5

B Cherry Power 911

590190501893803 912 5

Rosie Cocoa 912

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