Freedom System Always The Sun Glow Face Bronzer

Freedom System Always The Sun Glow Face Bronzer
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Freedom System Always The Sun Glow Face Bronzer allows to achieve a sun-kissed look to turn heads. The highlighting pigments provide a radiant and healthy-looking glow. Golden reflexions hidden in subtle brown shades of the bronzer allow to achieve an illuminated finish while in eye makeup they wnhance that inner blink. Apply the product all over the body to get a sun-kissed skin effect.

Mica of a natural origin makes sure that the bronzers are soft to touch and seamlessly blend with the skin. A silky formula ensures an easy application without smudges and allows for buildable coverage.

Emollients of a natural origin and luffa cylindica seed oil with moisturizing and smoothing properties protect the skin from drying out. Vitamin E, so called 'youth vitamin' protects the skin against free radicals.

Hero ingredients:

  • Emolients of natural origin - create a protective shield on the skin to prevent moisture from evaporating. Additionally, they absorb the moisture from the environment to keep the skin constantly moisturized. Boast with softening and smoothing properties.

  • Vitamin E - so called  'the youth vitamin' protects the skin from free radicals that facilitate aging.

  • Luffa cylindica seed oil -  moisturizes, smoothes, and prevents the skin from dehydration, improving its elasticity.

  • Mica of natural origin - makes the powders light and silky to touch; improves products' consistency.

  • Talc of natural origin - provides a suitable consistency to the product and improves skin adhesion.

  • Highlighting pigments of natural origin - so called Special Effect Pigments with unique optical performance

Tips & tricks:

  • the effect depends on the application, since the product is buildable you can achieve subtle or bold effect of sun-kissed, tanned skin; try with Makeup Brush 1SS

  • if your skin is naturally dark or already tanned, use the product for contouring with Makeup Brush 15BJF

  • use it as a warm tone eyeshadow with Makeup Brush 6SS or 4SS

  • apply on bare skin or on favorite primer or foundation to achive the effect of tanned skin

  • works well with other makeup products

  • achieve sun-kissed skin effect using a large make up brush like 51S on partlicular parts of the face like top of the forehead, external part of the note and top parts of the cheekbones

  • in order to blend the bronzers well use large makeup brushes

  • owing to highlighting pigments you will achieve a 3D effect

  • use for contour your face in strobing method

  • highlight the effect of the bronzer using Me Like Face and Body Mist

  • the bronzer can be used all over the body

  • achieve a glow effect all over the body and apply the product with Makeup Brush 51S for bold effect or 36BJF, 15BJF, 16BJF for subtle

  • recommended for dry, normal and combination skin

  • aviod applying the bronzer on enlarged pores, scars or spots as it may make them more visible

  • 7 g/0.25 US OZ

  • Available colours:

    always the sun glow bronzer 701c


    always the sun glow bronzer 702c


    always the sun glow bronzer 703c


    always the sun glow bronzer 704c


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