Sunlight Stick Blush

Sunlight Stick Blush
Sunlight Stick Blush
Sunlight Stick Blush
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Go for a minimalistic total look that lasts for hours with Sunlight Stick Blush!

This multifunctional product allows you to create stunning makeup on cheeks, lips and eyes in a matching tone. Let them stop and stare at naturally looking blush on your cheeks, kissable lips and flirty eyes. The effect of fresh, relaxed and healthy looking skin is the key to boost your confidence while juggling different life roles. The final effect depends on you as Sunlight Stick Blush gives a chance to build the coverage and create a subtle youthful blush or a bold, statement cheek.

The creamy, velvety formula blends well with the skin providing effort free application. Perfectly chosen composition of ingredients  like shea butter, emollients and cornstarch care for the skin while you look flawless. Enjoy the feeling of  moisturized, soft skin with visually improved elasticity and pores looking smoother.

Feel free to use the product on the go, in a rush or while travelling as a handy packaging enables quick and convenient application.

Hero ingredients:

- shea butter, rich in vitamin E and A, provides the feeling of skin regeneration and nourishment

- emollients soften the skin and provide the feeling of nourishment

- corn starch smooths and softens the skin as well as absorbs sebum

Try out together with other products from Sky Lights collection or your favorite makeup items.

Tips & tricks:

1. Blush, blush baby!

Pat gently with your fingertips on cheekbones and blend it with Makeup Brush 38SS to achieve a naturally looking blush

Apply on bare skin, on foundation or as a primer under pressed powder or pressed blush.

Try out as a contouring tool in draping technique to highlight the best features of your beauty

Mix together with Starlight Stick Highlighter to achieve a stunning, radiant finish.

2. Dull, grey skin - no chance!

Add more radiance to your skin by applying a small amount of blush on temples, nose and chin with Makeup Brush 38SS or 4SS.

3. Quick yet stunning eye makeup.

Apply the blush as an eyeshadow to achieve numerous effects, like

- apply individually for quick, fresh eye makeup, try with Eye Shadow Keeper for long-lasting effect

- as a primer under eyeshadows in similar shades

- as a primer under Freedom System Creamy Pigment Eye Shadows or AMC Pure Pigment Eye Shadows

4. Blush as a lipstick - here we go!

Enhance the natural color of your lips by applying the blush individually, top it with a lip gloss from Me Like collectionMe Like collection to achieve a juicy shine. Apply together with a lipliner to perfectly enhance the contour of your lips.

9 g/0.31 US OZ

Available colours:

Sunlight Stick Blush 301c

Venus 301

Sunlight Stick Blush 302c

Mercury 302

Sunlight Stick Blush 303c

Jupiter 303

Sunlight Stick Blush 304c

Mars 304

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