Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Energy Blast

Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Energy Blast
Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Energy Blast
Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Energy Blast
Pure Pigment Eye Shadow Energy Blast
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Get the superhero abilities and illuminate your look with a touch of Pure Pigment Eye Shadow in Energy Blast. Depending on application, this shimmering loose pigment can create a dazzling effect ranging from subtle to hyper-intense.

Supe Powers:

  • Contains around 90% of pure pigment

  • High pigmentation

The day is saved thanks to PRO TIPS & TRICKS:

  • Make sure the product stays put for hours by applying a thin layer of pressed powder or loose powder as a base

  • Apply with a Glitter Applicator 45S or with wet flat brush like 11S or 22T

  • For subtle effect, apply the pigment with fluffy brush like 46SS, 48SS or 6SS on a dry eyelid

  • To protect your cheeks from pigment which may fall during application put a folded tissue under your eye

  • For bold effect, use together with Body Art Adhesive, Eye Shadow Keeper or Duraline

  • Enhance the color of the pigment using pressed eyeshadow in similar color

  • Go for a stunning bold effect by applying the pigment on dark base like dark eyeshadow or create eye catchy line with Eyeliner Gel in Sisterhood

  • Achieve a spectacular metallic eyeliner effect by applying a pigment mixed with Duraline

  • Mix the colors of pigments to get ombre effect or duochrome

Complete the look with:

  • Team Bliss Eye Shadow Palette

  • Eyeliner Gel Sisterhood

  • LipSatin Lipstick Super Tough

0.4 g/0.01 US OZ

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