Lip Gloss Big Hearted

Lip Gloss Big Hearted
Lip Gloss Big Hearted
Lip Gloss Big Hearted
Lip Gloss Big Hearted
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Use Big Hearted Lip Gloss to achieve a long-lasting iridescent shine and perfect selfies. Its light reflecting qualities and holographic particles make your lips look fuller, brighter and multi-dimensional.

Super Powers:

  • Softens, smooths and moisturizes the lips

  • Visibly enhances contour

  • Bubble gum scent

  • No gluey feeling

The day is saved thanks to PRO TIPS & TRICKS:

  • Use individually or on a lipstick to accentuate the color and give an iridescent finish

  • To make sure your lips look fuller, use lipliner then fill your lips with a lip gloss

„We're going to be best friends forever!"

Complete the look with:

  • LipSatin Lipstick Super Cute

  • Highlighter Empowerpuff

  • Team Bubbles Eye Shadow Palette

2.5 ml/ 0.09 US FL OZ

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