New colors of vegan breathable Natural Origin nail polishes

New colours of vegan breathable Natural Origin nail polishes

Let yourself get carried away with the newest collection of Natural Origin breathable polishes. This line was created for lovers of coloured cosmetics based on natural origin ingredients. The new shades of Natural Origin nail polishes were inspired by the Earth. They not only perfectly fit the general idea of this line but also make a perfect contribution to the already existing colours.

The new collection is a harmonious set of classic shades of beige, brown, coral, raspberry, and gray. Everyone will be able to find a perfect shade for themselves. Discover the secrets of Milky Almond 011, Powder Tutu 012, Coffee Mousse 013, Bridal Rose 014, Spicy Pepper 015, Marry Raspberry 016, True Ebony 017, Forest Fog 018. The classic, modest, yet remarkable colours are the answer to the target market for the Natural Origin line which are mature, conscious clients who always choose the highest quality products.

Meet the perfect trio - try it together with the base and top from the breathable Natural Origin series. Create long-lasting, shiny manicure while caring for the well-being and healthy look of your nails. The breathable formula ensures the penetration of water and air through to the nail plate, helping to mantain it in the best possible condition.

Colourless, enriched with avocado oil, almond oil and vitamin E, Natural Origin Base Coat not only prepares the nail plate for the application of coloured polish, but it also makes it stronger, leaving the effect of healthy and well-cared nails.

Transparent Natural Origin Top Coat adds shine, deepens the colour and prolongs the life of the nail polish. It allows you to enjoy the perfect manicure for much longer.

Take advantage of the timeless power of nature with the Natural Origin vegan range of breathable nail polishes.

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